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London, UK

Motion And Emotion


My aim of this project is to see how physical impulses can manifest into visible forms. Normally we cannot see motion and emotion as a concrete shape. Therefore, I was fascinated to create something visible from invisible.

I researched the relationship between motion and emotion through dance and everyday movements. Motion can be recorded through drawing and emotion can be read from colours and texture on paper.After translating them into 2D, I developed an idea that how I can transform them into 3D objects.

My final design collection consists of repeated-pattern pieces. I interpreted movement as continuity sequence and assemblage of the same shape inspired by the choreography, which consists of a number of dancers and formations. I sought the possibility that how I can make a wide variety of objects by combining those pieces with different kind of materials and technic.


I worked with everyday materials such as plastic, paper, fabric. They are indisensable in our dailylife.

However, those materials tend to be thrown away easily due to their inexpensiveness and recyclability. 

Therefore, I reviewed the possibilities of use and tried to maximize the material life cycle by adding more value on them with combining traditional techniques and recent technologies.



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