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We seemingly have a feeling of positivity and security to paper recycling without considering actual material value which sometimes causes more consumption. Paper can be more valuable depending on how we communicate with it.

In this project, I used paper carry bags as my main resource. While we can find various types of quality and size of paper bags, we barely notice the value and beauty of paper. We take it for granted the paper bag is cheap, disposable and nothing more than that. Some paper has really good quality but they are normally used for carrying items a few times and end up going into bins. If it has lower quality, such as thin brown paper bags, they are immediately thrown away after use. Therefore, I started to question how to regenerate the value of paper waste and I was motivated to convert disposable and low quality paper into long-lasting and high quality artworks.  I applied the use of natural painting on paper through the examination of Japanese traditional craft technique for potential approaches to long lasting paper and upgrading the quality of the material.

Furthermore, I added a new value on wated paper by combining traditional craft technique and the new technology, laser cutting .

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